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Adapted by Aileen Wen McGroddy

Directed by Aileen Wen McGroddy

Costume design by Camilla Dely 

Set design by Tatiana Kahvegian

Lighting design by Keith Parham

Sound Design by Caroline Eng


Trinity Repertory Company

Chace Theater 

Providence, RI

Photos by Mark Turek

“Camilla Dely’s gorgeous costumes are another highlight. They capture the period splendidly” — Warwick Post 

“As the play progresses, designer Camilla Dely’s costumes grow more colorful and detailed, a link to the melting of Scrooge’s icy demeanor. That’s just one of many symbolic and creative tweaks to note — including an innovative take on Marley’s chains — and discovering them is part of the entertainment.” —  The Independent 

“Brace yourself to see the Christmas Day turkey as you’ve never seen it before. We gobbled it up” — Rhode Island Monthly

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