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Directed, designed and edited 

Camilla Dely and Tatiana Kahvegian


Grace Tong 

Original music by 

Gui Duvignau 

HOLD THIS is a work in progress that I have been developing with Tatiana Kahvegian; A short experimental film told in still images together with dancer/choreographer Grace Tong. The piece is an exploration of the nature of devotion in artistic practice, and the representation within and of the female body. What does it mean to be rendered, to be made an image of, by one’s self and by others? The film features one dancer and an evolving landscape made from paper and charcoal, and it will include original music composed and performed by Gui Duvignau. All images are captured using film rather than digital photography, as an intentional embrace of the “mistake” – or of the oracle of chance.

Self-produced / Venue : Studio 153

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