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Directed by Yaël Farber
Costume design by Camilla Dely
Set design by Merle Hensel
Lighting design by Lee Curran
Sound design by Peter Rice

Almeida Theater
London UK

Photos by Marc Brenner

Nothing will come of nothing. We all must face the moment of truth that we won’t live forever.

Lear, father and king of unquestioned power, must divide his realm between his three daughters. The first two quickly declare the love he is desperate to hear, yet his favourite Cordelia shuns the performative circus. “Nothing” she answers, when asked to speak. And towards that nothing Lear’s world begins to slide. As the new generation unleashes the consequences of their father’s choices, Lear takes us into the eye of the storm and its trail of destruction.

Process Collages | Click to enlarge 

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