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Directed by Aileen Wen McGroddy
Costume design by Camilla Dely
Set Design by Tatiana Kahvegian 
Lighting design by Jennifer Fok 
Sound design by Caroline Eng 

Brown MFA/Trinity Rep Directing Thesis 
Pell-Chaffee Performance Center

Photos by Mark Turek 


Based on the works of fabulist writer Italo Calvino, The Late Wedding takes a dive into the challenges of intimacy, longing, and trust in romantic relationships through a series of genre-bending vignettes. From documentary-style tours of marriages across fictional cultures to an intergalactic voyage across the stars, the play explores the malleability of personal relationships, the desire to be in a partnership, why we search for this mythical person called “the one”, and the exquisite compromise of commitment.

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